Final photos

Kit Carson Cave








Alice and some of the Navajo who prayed






“I was standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona…..”






“Tale it easy…..”





The Grand Canyon






Meteor Crater Arizona




So long Las Vegas and USA!

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On our way home!

Sunday was a busy day with a special service that ackowledged 9/11. We took part in the service with drama and singing.
We went to Kit Carson cave after the service for food and a reconcilliation ceremony. It was excellent as we were led in prayer spoken in Navajo.
The evening was spent packing and preparing for our trip
home with another trip to Walmart for some!
We left the church and said farewell to Dennis and
Peewee early and got on the road to the Manuelito school
to drop some things off for the children. Chris and Sue were presented with a Navajo bible signed by the children.

Our journey to Las Vegas for our flight tomorrow has been a wonderful adventure. A bit hairy at times sue to storms
and heavy rain. But we did glimpse the Grand Canyon and drove small
sections of Route 66.

Tomorrow we say farewell to Chris and Sue who will
be taking a well earned break and who are heading off on their own road trip.

Please keep us in your prayers for safe travel. Margaret
too needs a healing touch as she has vertigo and hasn’t been very well today.

Hope this brief update finds you all ok

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Prayer Update

Thank you for your prayers for Julie and the family – I have sad news – Halle passed away this morning. Julie and Colette are doing OK but obviously it is very hard for them to be so far away from home.
We value and thank you for your continued prayers.

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Friday 10th and Saturday 11th

Friday was a day primarily of relaxation after the prison visits and a a very tiring but rewarding day before. It was the day of the Navajo fair at “Window Rock which is the administrative capital of the Navajo nation.

The soda was great!

Colette, Sylvie and others enjoyed a good encounter while buying Navajo  fleeces.  Sylvie described how they gave the stall holder, called Brandon, a number of team tracts and then  Brandon shared that he had a faith but had not gone to church for a long time

Brandon had been really interested in English currency and the team brought out five pound notes, pound coins etc and there was a pun on words – conversion namely!  Sylvie had shown Brandon a one pound coin and felt lead to leave it with her testimony tract.  Brandon allowed the team to pray for him to reconnect with his faith.

Tony, Mark and others spent a long time talking to the Mormons and Simone spoke to a Navajo lady selling jewellery and felt lead to explain that Christianity is about the forgiveness of God to mankind, she seemed to receive what Simone shared

We arranged  to meet up at 5.00 pm to see the ‘woolley riding’ show.   The team were in general rather shocked at how scared some of the very young children seemed to be when forced to ride on sheep.  They appeared to have to endure the ordeal despite crying, however some of the children were having a good time and could handle the experience.

Saturday saw us on the football field again with children from the lkocal school. Chris J did a fine job of motivating some rather lacklustre youngsters and by the end of the session all were fully involved.

In the afternoon we went into Gallup where we met the mayor of Gallup, newly appointed who turned out to be a Christian. He was dressed up as Pat Garret (who shot Billy the Kid) and in the evening we saw the shooting enacted.

Simone and Sue with Ella from Joshua Generation Church

Later the same evening, inspired by the shoot out between the mayor and Billy the Kid the team put on its own shooting epic production with Nerf guns acquired from Wallmark. Alice turned out to be a surprisingly formidable opponent, later heard to admit “I am very competitive”!

Dennis joins the Brits for a new colonial war of independence!

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Urgent: Please pray!

We have some bad news. Julies sister Hallie has suffered a burst blood vessel in the brain. She has had an operation and the medics say they have done all they can at this time. She is in a coma.

We feel under attack this morning as we have clearly made inroads and taken ground.

Please pray for Hallie and Julie; Hallie does not know Jesus. Please also pray for the team as there are a number of ailments this morning.

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Prison Visit

We were not able to take photos of the team inside at all but this is the team at the end of the session.

It was truly an amazing session, especially the evening. When it started the “audience” of over 70 inmates was largely hostile and cynical, waiting to be entertained and very intimidating. Dave spoke quite sharply and immediately took authority and from then on it was easier. Each thing we did they got softer and more responsive till in the end all of us shook all of their hands and it was clear these were men with hearts, somewhat beaten down and our hearts went out to them.


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Photos for Wednesday 8th

Manuelito School children
These were the children at Maneulito school
Some of the younger ones listening to Chris.
One for the boys – nothing to do with Manuelito school!
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